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Old Time Literature.

PART I. A to K.

1 ABBOT (John). Devout Rhapsodies, in which is treated of the Excellence of Divine Scriptures, by J. A. Rivers.

FIRST EDITION. Sm. 4to, new boards. London, Printed by Thomas Harper, for Daniel Frere, 1647.

£4 48 A series of 9 Sermons, as the writer terms them, each of which is addressed to different personages, including the Earl of Pembroke, Lord Powis, Lady Frances Nevil, William Savile, Marquis of Winchester, William Habington, Earle of Dorset, Lord Buckhurst, etc.

The above author changed his name to Rivers, or rather added Rivers to his name, and was therefore known as John Abbot Rivers, or, as one of the writers of commendatory verses before this book puts it, Mr. Abbot, alias Rivers.

2 A'BECKETT (Thomas). Lupi (F. C.) Epistolae et Vita DIVI THOMAE MARTYRIS ET ARCHI-EPISCOPI CANTUARIENSIS nec non epistolae Alexandri III, Pontificis Galliae Regis Henrici II.

2 vols, sm. 4to, orig. calf gilt, with the Arms of Archbp. Le Tellier on sides. Bruxellis, 1682. 18s

3 ABELLY (Louys, Evesque de Rodes). La Tradition de l'Eglise touchant la Devotion particuliere des Chrestiens envers la tres-sainte Vierge Marie, Mere de Dieu. Recueillie des Escritures Saintes, des Actes des Conciles de la doctrine des SS. Peres, et des plus celebres Autheurs de l'Histoire Ecclesiastique.

8vo, full contemporary French red morocco, full gilt back, paned sides, gilt leaves. Paris, 1662.


4 ADDISON (Joseph). The Campaign, a Poem to his Grace the Duke of Marlborough.


FIRST EDITION. Folio, unbound. London, Printed for Jacob Tonson,

£6 188


Poems on Several Occasions, with a Dissertation upon

the Roman Poets.

Portrait of the Author by Vander Gucht after Kneller.
First Edition. 8vo, full polished calf gilt, g. e., by Riviere.
Printed for E. Curil, 1719.


£2 158

6 ÆLIANUS (Cl.). De Natura Animalium, Libri XVII. Cum Animadversionibus CoNRADI GESNERI, et DANIELIS W. TRILLERI, curante ABRAHAMO GRONOVIO qui et Suas Adnotationes adjecit. (Text in Latin and Greek, on opposite pages.)

2 vols, 4to, handsomely bound in full contemporary red morocco extra, floral gilt back, g. e. Londini, G. Bowyer, 1744£4 108

7 ÆLIANI VARIÆ HISTORIÆ, libri XIIII, ex Heraclide de rebus publicis Commentarium, Polemonis Physionomia, Adamantii Physionomia Melampodis ex Palpitationibus divinatio de Nevis (Græce). EDITIO PRINCEPS.

Sm. 4to, half calf neat.

Roma, 1545.


8 AERONAUTICS. L'Art de Voyager dans les Airs ou les



Contenant les moyens de faire, des Globes aerostatiques suivant la méthode de M. M. De Montgolfier & suivant les procédés de M.M. Charles & Robert avec un Précis historique des plus belles Expériences qui ont été faites d'apres cette celebre Découverte.

Plates of Balloons. 8vo, orig. calf gilt. Paris, 1784.

£2 158

Lunardi (Vincent). An Account of the First Aërial Voyage in England.

In a series of Letters written under the Impressions of the various Events that Affected the Undertaking.

Fine stipple portrait by Bartolozzi after Cosway, and folding plates. 8vo, full calf. Lond., 1784.

With Lunardi's Autograph signature on half title.


10 ESOPI PHRYGIS VITA & FABULÆ, plures & emendatiores, ex vetustissimo codice Bibliothecae Regiae (Græce).



Sm. 4to, full calf gilt. Lutetiæ, ex Officina Rob. Stephani, 1546. Belle édition, contenant vingt apologues de plus que les precedentes [1518]; c'est le text qu'ont suivi tous les editeurs d'Esope jusqu'en 1610." BRUNET.

Vita di Esopo Frigio prudente et faceto favolatore tradotta dal Sig. conte Giulio Landi allaquale di nuovo sono aggionte le Favole del medesimo Esopo con molte altre d'alcuni elevati ingegni ascendent i alla somma di 400.


Numerous curious emblematic woodcuts, 16mo, orig. vellum. Venetia,



Esop's Fables, in English, with all his Life and Fortune, how he was Subtill, Wise and born in Greece, etc. Whereunto are added the FABLES OF AVIAN, etc.

Black Letter. Post 8vo, full new calf, antique style, gilt leaves, by RIVIERE. Lond., 1647. Scarce.

£2 25


Caxton's translation.

Les Fables et la Vie D'Esope, en Francois et Allemand, pour l'utilite et recreation de ceux qui se plaisent esdites deux langues ou qui les veulent apprendre par Jean de Tousenes.

Woodcut to each fable. 16mo, orig. vellum. (Paris), 1651. £2 28 A very rare and curious Edition, The French and German are in parallel columns.

14 ESOP FABLES, with his Life. In English, French,

and Latin.

The English by Thos. Philipott, Esq. The French and Latin by Rob. Codrington, M.A.

Illustrated with one hundred and twelve sculptures by Francis Barlow.

Folio, fine copy in straight grained brown morocco extra, g. e. (by C. Lewis).

Printed by William Godbid for Francis Barlow, and are to be sold by Anne Beile at the Black-boy, against St. Dunstan's Church in Fleetstreet, and Edward Powell at the Swan in Little Britain, 1666.


£14 14S THIS IS THE FIRST EDITION OF BARLOW'S AESOP, with brilliant Impressions of the Engravings.

The greater part of the Copies of this work were burnt in the Fire of London. It is an unusually fine copy of an exceedingly scarce book.

Francis Barlow (1626-1702), Animal Painter and Engraver, was born in Lincolnshire. He drew horses, dogs, birds and fish, with great spirit and accuracy.

15 AGES OF SIN. The Ages of Sin, or Sinnes Birth and


With the Stepps and Degrees of Sin from thought to finall Impenitencie.
Sm. 4to, brown morocco gilt. (T. Jenner c. 1655).


£9 9s

A Series of nine plates of animals emblematic of Sin, by Ja. V. Lochen, with verses beneath. From Corner's library. VERY RARE.


Platt (Sir Hugh). The New and Admirable Arte of Setting Corne, with all the necessarie Tooles and other Circumstances belonging to the same.

Sm. 4to, full green levant morocco extra, gilt edges, by RIVIERE. FINE TALL COPY. Lond., 1601.

£5 7s 6d

17 [AKENSIDE (Mark)]. The Pleasures of Imagination, a Poem, in Three Books. Vignette on title.

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18 ASHMOLE (Elias. The Way to Bliss. In Three Books. Made Publick, by Elias Ashmole, Esq.

Sm. 499, fine copy in full morocco super extra, inside dentelles, g. e., by F. Bedford.


Printed by John Gricmond for Nath. Brock, at the Angel in Cornhill,

With a fine impression of the portrait of the author by W. Faithorne. 410 105 "The main drift of the Author being from weighty and serious Arguments and Examples, to prove the Possibility of such a thing as the PHILOSOPHER'S STONE, whereby is largely manifested, that Nature has exhibited greater Wonders to the view of the World, and as great things have been and consequently may be performed by other weaker and lesser means, where a due friendly and philosophical conjunction of Art and Nature is fully understood."

Elias Ashmole," the greatest virtuoso and curioso that ever was known or read of in England before his time," was born at Lichfield, 1617. He was one of the earliest English Freemasons, having been initiated in or about 1646, in which year the first formed meeting of the body in England was held.

Astrology was one of his favourite studies, in connection with which he formed

the acquaintance of Master Backhouse, a venerable Rosicrucian, who called him son, and "opened himself very freely touching the great secret"; as well as that of John Tradescant, keeper of the botanic garden at Chelsea, an intimacy which was indirectly contributed more than anything else to his celebrity with posterity. On 13th May, 1653, Backhouse" told me, in syllables, the true matter of the philosopher's stone, which he bequeathed to me as a legacy." But Ashmole has omitted to bequeath it to us.


A Collection of Ten Several Treatises in Chymistry concerning the Liquor Alkahest, the Mercury of Philosophers, and other Curiosities worthy the Perusal, written by Eir Philaletha, J. Bapt, Van Helmont, Dr. F. Antoine, Rog. Bacon, G. Starkey, Sir H. Platt, etc.

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20 GLAUBER (J. R.). A Description of New Philosophical Furnaces: or, a New Art of Distilling divided into five parts. Whereunto is added a Description of the Tincture of Gold, or the true Aurum Potabile; also the first part of the Mineral Work set forth in English by J. F.

Woodcuts of philosophical implements.

Sm. 4to, orig. calf. Lond., 1651.


21 HARTMAN (G.). A Choice Collection of Rare Chymical Secrets and Experiments in Philosophy.

As also Rare and unheard of Medicines, Menstruums, and Alkahests, with the True Secret of Volatilizing the Salt of Tartar collected by Sir K. Digby, and published by G. Hartman.


Sm. 8vo, orig. calf. Lond., 1682.


First Edition not mentioned by Hazlitt; his earliest edition is 1683.


22 JONES (B.). Lapis Chymicus Philosophorum Examini Subjectus ubi et ejus, vis ac confectionis modus breviter discutiuntur.

12mo, orig. calf. Oxon., 1648. Scarce.


23 KIRCHERI (Athanasii). Magnes sive De Arte Magnetica.

Opus Tripartitum quo Praeterquam quod Universa Magnetis. Natura Eiusque in omnibus Artibus et Scientiis usus nova Methodo explicetur è viribus quoque et prodigiosis effectibus Magneticarum, aliarumq abditarum Naturæ motionum in Elementis Lapidibus, Plantis & Animalibus elucescentium multa hucusque incognita Naturae Arcana per Physica, Medica, Chymica, & Mathematica, omnis generis experimenta recluduntur. Numerous woodcut and copperplate engravings of diagrams, philosophical implements, etc.

Sm. thk. 4to, orig. calf. Coloniae Agrippinæ, 1643. Scarce. £4 48

24 LACINIUS (Janus). Pretiosa Margarita Novella de Thesauro ac Pretiosissimo philosophorum lapide Collectanea ex Arnaldo, Rhaymundo, Rhasi, Alberto et Michaele Scoto per Janum Lacinium, nunc primum in lucem edita.

Curious woodcuts.

Sm. 8vo, orig. calf. Venet., 1557.


25 PHILALETHES (Eirenaeus). Three Tracts of the Great Medicine of Philosophers for Humane and Metalline Bodies, intituled Ars Metallorum Metamorphoseos, Brevis Manuductio, ad Rubinum Coelistem, Fons Chymicae Philosophiae. Translated from the Latin.

12mo, half calf. Lond., 1694.


26 SANGUIS NATURAE, or a Manifest Declaration of the Sanguine and Solar Congealed Liquor of Nature, by Anonimus. 12mo, orig. calf (rebacked and gilt). Lond., 1696. Stained.

12s 6d

27 ULSTADIUS (Philippo). Coelum Philosophorum Seu de Secretis Naturae.


Numerous wood engravings of philosophical implements.
First Edition. Sm. folio, full vellum. Argentoragi J. Grienynger,

28 [VAUGHAN (Thos.). The Marrow of Alchemy.

Being an Experimental Treatise discovering the secret and most hidden Mystery of the Philosophers' Elixer, containing the Theory and Practice of the Art, by Eireneus Philopones Philalethes (i.e. Thos. Vaughan).

In verse.

12mo, orig. calf. Lond., 1654.


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