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£ d. 954 Tracts (55) on Zoology, Botany, Geology, Astronomy, etc. In l vol., 8vo., cloth

1 5 0
Containing contributions by Scharff, Poynting, Burghardt, Stokes, Boulenger,
Thomas, Woodward, Tinkler, Evans, Lindsay, Ross, Williams, Murray, Torrop,
Roscoe, Ball, Schunck, Woodward, Newton, Warren, Giffen, Reynolds, Sayce, Flower,
Abney, Bell, Geikie, Sanderson, Winton, Edgeworth, Anderson, Turner, Carruthers,
Radde, Helmsley, Kirk, Weiss, Lubbock, Regel, Thiselton-Dyer, Siebold, Seebohm,

Bailey, Pearson, Gray, Hooker, and C. Roach Smith.
955 VAN DER HOEVEN (J.). Handbook of Zoology. Translated by W. Clark.
2 vols., 8vo., 24 plates; half calf neat

Cambridge, 1856-58 0 5 0 956 ZOOLOGICAL RECORD (The); or Record of Zoological Literature. 32 vols. 8vo. cloth

1864-95 9 0 0 957 PROCEEDINGS of the ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY of

LONDON. A COMPLETE SET from the beginning in 1830
to 1860, inclusive, with GENERAL INDEXES in 2 vols.;-
32 vols., 8vo., AN ORIGINAL SET, with all the colouRED
PLATES ; the first twenty vols. in calf gilt, the rest in cloth,

1830-60 45 00 The illustrations began with the volume for 1848. 958 PROCEEDINGS of the Zoological Society of London. A set, in continua

tion of that described above, from 1861 to 1890, inclusive, forming
30 vols., and Indexes, 1848-1890, in 4 vols. ;-34 vols. 8vo. with the
COLOURED PLATES; twenty-three vols. whole bound in purple calf extra, gilt
edges, the rest sewed

1861-90 21 00 This series was published unbound at opwards of eighty pounds. 959 PROCEEDINGS of the Zoological Society of London. A series from 1872

to 1890, forming 19 vols., with Indexes 1871-1890 in 2 vols. ;—21 vols.
8vo. with a great number of plates (uncoloured); in parts as published

1872-90 3 0 0 A bargain. Published at £12. This plain series ceased in 1890. 960 TRANSACTIONS of the ZOOLOGICAL SOCIETY of LONDON.

A COMPLETE SET from the beginning in 1833 to October, 1896, forming vols. 1-XIII and XIV, nos. 1 and 2; also a General Index to the first ten volumes. Royal 4to. with a great number of fine plates, many of them COLOURED; uniformly and neatly half bound

1835-96 50 00 Originally published uubound at £131, and now very scarce, the earlier volumes

having been long out of print. Zoophytes : 961 Agassiz (Louis). Contributions to the Natural History of the Acalepha of North America. 2 parts in 1 vol., 4to., with 16 plates ; bds.

American Academy, 1849 0 5 0 962 ALLMAN (Geo. Jas.). A Monograph of the Gymnoblastic or Tubularian HYDROIDS. 2 parts forming 1 vol., folio, with 23 coloured plates ; bds.

Ray Society, 1871-72 1 10 0 963 DANA (J. D.). Zoophytes. Roy. 4to., the Text only; pp. x and 740; half green morocco, VERY RARE

Philadelphia, 1846 7 10 0 Forming the 7th volume of the United States Exploring Expedition, 1838-42, under the command of Charles Wilkes. 964 Forbes (Edward). Monograph of the British Naked-Eyed Medusa. Folio, with 13 coloured plates giving figures of all the species ; bds.

Ray Society, 1848 0 7 6 965 Huxley (Thomas Henry). The Oceanic Hydrozoa ; a description of the

Calycophoridæ and Physophoridæ observed during the Voyage of the

"Rattlesnake." Folio, with 11 plates ; bds. Ray Society, 1858 0 60 906 JOHNSTON (G.). History of the British Zoophytes. 2 vols., 8vo., portrait, plates, and woodcuts; cloth

1847 1 0 0

LATEST PURCHASES. 967 Clauss (Matthæi) Vini et Aquæ certamen 24mo., vellum

Eniponti, 1638 0 5 0 Entomology: 968 BUTLER (Arthur Gardiner). Illustrations of Typical Specimens of

Lepidoptera Heterocera. Parts I and II, royal 4to., with 40 plates,

comprising 305 COLOURED figures ; hf. morocco gilt, rare 1877-78 5 5 0 969 Donovan (E.). Natural History of the Insects of India, containing

upwards of 220 Figures and Descriptions. New Edition by J. O.
WESTWOOD. Roy. 4to., coloured plates; half morocco, gilt top

1842 3 15 0 970 MEIGEN (J. W.). Systematische Beschreibung der EUROPÄISCHEN

SCHMETTERLINGE. 3 vols., sm. 4to., 125 coloured plates containing
innumerable figures ; half crimson morocco, gilt edges ; very scarce in
this coloured state

Aachen und Leipzig, 1829-32 4 0 0

An original copy (see note on fly-leaf).
971 RIPPON (Robert H. F.). Icones Ornithopterorum: A monograph of

the Rhopalocerons Genus Ornithoptera, or Bird-Wing Butterflies. To
be completed in 20 parts, imperial 4to., with several maps and nearly 80
beautifully coloured plates by the author. 11 parts now ready.
Subscription price per part

1891-97 0 10 0 Subscribers bind themselves to take the complete work. Only 150 copies are printed. When the work is completed, the few surplus copies will be 20 guineas unbound. 972 WESTWOOD (J. O.). Catalogue of ORTHOPTEROUS Insects in the British

Museum. Part I: PHASMIDÆ [all published]. Royal 4to., with 48
plates comprising some hundreds of figures ; hf. calf neat


Illustrations of New, Rare and Interesting Insects. 4 pts., impl. 4to.,
with 40 fine plates ; sd. (pub. £5.)

187:3-4 3 15 0 974 WOLLASTON (T. V.). Insecta Maderensia ; being an Account of the

Insects of the Islands of the Madeiran Group. Royal 4to., pp. xliii,

634, and 13 coloured plates containing numerous figures ; cloth 1854 1 50 Mathematics, etc.: 975 CHASLES. Traité des Sections Coniques. Première partie.

8vo., 5 folding plates ; sd.

Paris, 1865 0 2 0 976 DE MORGAN. Elements of Trigonometry and Trigonometrical Analysis,

preliminary to the differential Calculus. 1837—The Connexion of
Number and Magnitude: an Attempt to explain the Fifth Book of
Euclid. 1836—in 1 vol., 8vo., cloth


0 3 6 977 Elements of Algebra preliminary to the differential Calculus. 8vo., cloth

1837 0 3 6 978 DES CARTES (Renati) Principiorum Philosophiæ pars I, & II, more

Geometrico demonstrate per Benedictum de Spinoza . Sm. 4to.,
half calf

1663 979 EUČLIDIS Elementorum lib. xv; in primum ejus librum commen

tariorum Procli lib. iv, [Græce. Cum præfatione S. Grynxl] ..:
Basileae, apvd Ioan. Hervagivm anno M.D.XXXIII. Mense Septembri.
Folio, woodcut diagrams; red morocco, full gilt back and broad orna-
mental borders

1533 6 6 0 Editio princeps, dedicated to Bishop Cuthbert Tonstall. The copy described

above, fetched at the Syston Park sale, f10. 15s. 980 EUCLIDIS quæ supersunt omnia. Ex recensione Davidis GREGORII

Folio, frontispiece and numerous diagrams; Large Paper ; a very beautiful copy in old English red morocco, full gilt back, with gold centrepieces on sides, gilt edges

Oxoniæ, 1703 4 4 0 From the Sunderland Library 981 FRENCH. The Art of Distillation : or, a Treatise of the choicest

Spagiricall Preparations performed by way of Distillation
Also ... the Anatomy of Gold and Silver . Composed by John
French The Second Edition. To which is added; the London-
Distiller . . . Sm. 4to., woodcuts ; old calf

1653 1 16 0

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Forlong's (General) Short Studies in the

Religions of Asia. Royal 8vo. cloth, £1. 88

1897 “ A book full of valuable matter gathered in from the Far East; it contains much that is deeply interesting to the student of Comparative Mythology.”—The Daily Chronicle, August 17th, 1897.


Burton. The Romance of Ixabel Lady Burton, the Story of her Life, told

in part by herself and in part by W. H. Wilkins. 2 vols. 8vo., numerous portraits and illustrations, cloth, £1. 168

1897 Lady Barton was certainly a very fascinating woman; she came to me soon after marriage, whilst Captain Burton was at Fernando Po, for frequent gossips, eliciting from me all I knew about her husband. She was delighted to hear that before Burton's starting for Mecca, I had examined his muscular arm, and foretold that he would succeed. I got up an Arabic Lexicon in an Oriental guise, which volume accompanied him to Mecca. During the Burtons' married life we were constant friends and correspondents. After Burton's death Lady Burton occasionally consulted me. I saw her last whilst she lay on her sick-bed crippled by the internal disease which caused her death.

Siebold (Dr. Ph. Fr. de) Flora Japonica,

sive Plantae, quas in Impero Japonica collegit, descripsit, ex parte in ipsis locis pingendas curavit Dr. Ph. Fr. de SIEBOLD, digessit Dr. J. G. ZUCCARINI: Centuria I, tab. 1-100. Volumen II, ab Auctoribus inchoatum relictum ad finem perduxit F. A. G. MIQUEL, continens : Centuria II, fasc. I--X. Tab. 101-150 (all published)—2 vols. impl. 4to. 151 plates superbly coloured, hf. morocco, £16. 108

Lugd. Bat. 1835-70 the same, Centuria II. fasc. VI-X. containing Plates and Text 126-150 completing the work, the plates coloured, unbound, £3. 108

1870 the same, plates 126 and 127, often wanting, plain, 58 ; coloured, 108 The descriptive text is in French and Latin. This, the only existing work on the Flora of Japan, of which so many Flowers and Fir-Trees have been introduced to Europe, is now complete as far as the materials left by the anthor would reach ; the MS. was arranged and conducted through the press by Dr. Miquel.

Siebold, Fauna Japonica, sive descriptio animalium, quæ in

itinere per Japoniam suscepto, annis 1823-1830 collegit, notis, observation-
ibus et adumbrationibus illustravit Ph. Fr. de SIEBOLD conjunctis studiis
C. J. SCHLEGEL atque W. DE HAAN elaborata, 5 vols., impl. 4to., 408 plates,
of which 176 are finely coloured; three volumes, cloth uncut, the rest unbd.,

Lugduni, Bat., 1838-50
With the prices at which they are sold separately:
REPTILIA, 1 vol. 28 plates, cloth, uncut, Aves, 1 vol. 120 coloured plates, cloth,


£12. 128 Pisces, 1 vol. 160 plates (20 coloured),

the same, hf. bound, uncut, J. Gould's cloth, uncut, £8.


copy, £13. 138

the same, hf. morocco, top edge gilt, MAMMALIA, 1 vol. 30 coloured plates,

£14. 148 unbound, .£2. 168

1850 CRUSTACEA, I vol. 70 plates 1850


Smith (Charles Roach) Collectanea Antiqua;

or, etchings and notices of Ancient Remains, illustrative of the habits, customs and history of past ages. 7 vols. 8vo. complete, with about 300 plates, besides woodcuts, half calf, £7. 78

1848-80 Complete sets are scarce ; odd text and plates supplied.

Silvestre's Universal Paleography; or a Collection

of Facsimiles of the Writings of every Age; taken from the most authentic Manuscripts existing in the Libraries of France, Italy, Germany and England, containing UPWARDS OF 300 LARGE AND MOST BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED FACSIMILES, TAKEN FROM MISSALS AND OTHER MSS., RICHLY ILLUMINATED IN THE FINEST STYLE OF ART, new and improved edition, arranged under the direction of Sir FREDERICK MADDEN, Keeper of the MSS. in the British Museum. 2 vols. atlas folio, elegantly half bound morocco extra, gilt edges, £30. 1850

This is, perhaps, the finest book in the world, and the most interesting to the scholar and the man of taste. Three hundred facsimiles, of the choicest Manuscripts in Europe, need no other recommendation than to state the fact. The work cost nearly twenty thousand pounds in getting up, and the expense was chiefly defrayed by His Majesty the late Louis Philippe, who subscribed at the outset for sixty copies, at about £75. each.

Smith's (C. J.) Historical and Literary Curi

OSITIES; containing Facsimiles of interesting Localities, Engravings of Old Houses, Birth-places, Portraits, Illuminated and Missal Ornaments, Antiquities, etc. 4to. with 100 plates, some illuminated (pub. at £4.48), elegantly half bound olive morocco, uncut, 258

1847 A singularly amusing and interesting Repertory, of which the contents are too multifarions to describe. We will only note that the Autograph Letters are chiefly of a literary character, and include such important ones as Coverdale, Sir Christopher Wren, Sir Isaac Newton, Cowley, Pope, Addison, Gray, Milton, Prior, Smollett, Sterne, Locke, Barns, Steele, Hume, Dr. Johnson, Benjamin Franklin, William Penn, etc.

Smith's British and Roman Antiquities of

the North WILTSHIRE Downs, in a Hundred Square Miles round ABURY, by the Rev. ALFRED CHABLES SMITH, M.A., Rector of Yatesbury, Wilts. 1 vol. atlas 4to. 248 pp. 17 large maps and 110 woodcuts, extra cloth, price £2. 28


This work, the materials of which have been accumulating for twenty-five years, is the result of innumerable rambles and rides over the Downs of North Wiltshire, and deals with one of the most important archæological districts in Europe.

It consists of a large quarto volume, containing an account of all the Barrows, Camps, Roads, Dykes, Enclosures, Cromlechs, Circles, and other British and Roman stone-and earthworks of a most primitive district, with references to and extracts from the best authorities as well as figures of many of the various urns, and other objects found in Barrows, Views of Cromlechs, Plans of Camps, &c. Bound up with this volume in sections, are maps on the scale of 6 ins. to a mile, com

prising one hundred square miles round Abury, and including thirteen miles from East to West, and eight miles from North to Sonth, being the great plateau of the North Wiltshire Downs, on which all the antiquities are shown and may be readily found and referred to by means of letters and figures.

This is a reprint undertaken by the Wiltshire Archæological and Natural History Society, in consequence of more than one-third of the first edition having been destroyed at the binders in the great fire in Paternoster Row, in 1883. The work can be obtained



15 Piccadilly, London, W.


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