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Erman (A.) Life in Ancient Egypt, described by Adolf Erman, trans

lated by H. M. Tirard, with 400 Illustrations and maps, royal Svo. xvi and 507 pp. (pub. at 21s), cloth, 10s 6d


The need of a popular work on the manners and customs of Ancient Egypt has long been felt by the English public, no English Scholar has attempted to fill this gap since the time of Wilkinson.

Flinders Petrie (W. M.) Egyptian Decorative Art, crown 8vo.

with 120 illustrations, cloth, 38 6d


A book which deals with a subject which has never yet been seriously treated. Egyptian Tales, crown 8vo. illustrated by Tristram Ellis, cloth, 38 1895 the same, 2nd series, crown 8vo. illustrations, cloth, 38


A selection of the ancient tales of Egypt, edited from original sources, and of great importance as illustrating the life and society of ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Select Papyri in the HIERATIC Character in the British Museum. Parts I and II, royal folio, containing plates 1-98; bds. rare, £2. 10s


Rosellini (I) MONUMENTI DELL' EGITTO E DELLA NUBIA, disegnate dalla Spedizione Scientifico-Letteraria Toscana in Egitto, 3 vols. elephant folio, containing 390 plates, many of which are SPLENDIDLY COLOURED, and 9 vols. 8vo. of text-together 12 vols. (pub. at £45. in parts), half morocco extra, gilt edges, by Wright, £28. Pisa, 1832-44

This splendid work on Egyptian and Nubian Antiquities occurs very rarely for sale. In no other work is Egyptian Art, as displayed in the Hieroglyphic Figures, so well represented; it just contains what Napoleon's grand work was deficient in. It was published under the auspices of the Grand Duke of Tuscany. Owing to the limited number printed copies have become very


Egyptian Papyrus with Hieroglyphics, a portion

of the burial ritual, 2 ft. 6 in. long by 9, about 250 B.C. pronounced by Dr. Birch to be genuine, £3. 38

Tell el-Amarna Tablets (The) in the British Museum.

4to. with autotype plates; cloth, £1. 88


Inscriptions in the Hieratic and Demotic

CHARACTER. Folio; bds. (pub. at £1. 7s 6d), 18s British Museum, 1868

Egyptian Texts of the Earliest period, from the

Coffin of Amamu. Folio, 32 coloured plates, £2. 28 British Museum, 1886

Wiedemann (A.)Religion of the Ancient Egyptians, 8vo. plates, cloth,

12s 6d


Egypt stands pre-eminent among all the nations of antiquity as the land in which every civic and public interest was dominated by religion.

Burlington Fine Arts Club: EXHIBITION of the ARt of

ANCIENT EGYPT, imperial 4to. pp. 1, 130 and viii, with 27 full-page photographs, mounted on boards, blue cloth, £1. 16s Privately printed, 1895 The special and novel character of the illustrations is that they represent the industrial and domestic arts of Ancient Egypt; and thus reveal the customs and civilization of the people, rather than the magnificence of the kings.

Brugsch (H.) Hieroglyphisch- demotisches Waerterbuch, 7 vols. impl.

8vo. hf. red morocco, £30

Leipzig, 1867-82

Burton's (J.) Excerpta Hieroglyphica, or exact copies of various

Hieroglyphical Inscriptions, etc. now existing in Egypt and at Mount Sinai, 4 parts in 1 vol. oblong 4to. 61 plates, hf. morocco, £1. 12s Cairo, 1825-37

Archæologia, published by the Society of Antiquaries of London,

Vol. LII part 2, thick 4to. cloth (pub. at £3. 38), £2. 2s


Pages 393-608 consist of an important paper "On the Hieratic Papyrus of Nesi Amsu, a scribe in the Temple of Amen-Rā at Thebes, about B.C. 305. By E. A. Wallis Budge."


Botta (P. E.) MONUMENT de NINIVE découvert et décrit par lui;

mesuré et dessiné par E. Flandin, 5 vols. atlas folio, vellum paper, beautiful
engravings of architecture, sculpture, and inscriptions, hf. red morocco extra,
gilt edges, by T. Wright, £30.
Paris, 1849-50

This work cost 1800 francs.

Layard (A. H.) The Monuments of Nineveh, from Drawings made

on the spot, both series, impl. folio, 171 plates in outline, some coloured and tinted, with descriptive letterpress, in 2 portfolios (pub. at £21.), £8. 10s 1819

Inscriptions in the Cuneiform Character from

Assyrian Monuments discovered by A. H. LAYARD. Folio; bds. (pub. at
21s), 168
British Museum, 1851

Cuneiform Inscriptions of Western Asia,
prepared by Sir H. C. RAWLINSON, E. NORRIS, etc. Vols. III and IV.
Folio; bds. 208 each
British Museum, 1870-91

Cuneiform Texts from Babylonian Tablets,

etc. in the British Museum. 2 parts, sm. folio, 50 photo-lithographic plates in wrappers, 158


Bezold (C.) Catalogue of Cuneiform Tablets in the Kouyunjik

Collection. 4 vols. royal 8vo. cloth, £3. 58

British Museum, 1889-96

Burton's Arabian Nights.

The genuine edition.

Arabian Nights: A Plain and Literal Translation of the Arabian

Nights' Entertainment, now entituled,THE BOOK OF THE THOUSAND
NIGHTS AND A NIGHT, with Introduction, Explanatory Notes on the
Manners and Customs of Moslem Men, and a Terminal Essay upon the
History of THE NIGHTS,

By Sir RICHARD F. BURTON: Benares: 1885: Printed by the Kama Shastra Society for private subscribers only: ten volumes: royal octavo; black and gold cloth



THE THOUSAND NIGHTS AND A NIGHT, with Notes Anthropological and
Explanatory, by Richard F. Burton: Benares: 1886-8: Printed by the
Kama Shastra Society for private subscribers only: six volumes: royal
octavo; black and silver cloth, separately, £8. 88

the complete set, 16 vols. 8vo. hf. bd. morocco, £31. 10s
A monument of learning and faithful rendering.



A New Work by


Recherches sur les

Origines de l'Egypte:



Tombeau Royal de Négadah,

Royal 8vo.

The volume will consist of 600 pages with

900 illustrations. To oe ready in August.

Price 21s.



Ribero (Diego) Carta vniuersal EN QUE SE CONTIENE TODO

LO QUE DEL MUNDO SE HA DESCUBIERTO FASTA AGORA. HIZO LA DIEGO RIBERO COSMOGRAPHO DE SU MAGESTAD AÑO DE 1529 E SEUILLA La qual se deuide en dos partes conforme a la capitulacion que hizieron los Catholicos Reyes de España & el Rey Don Juan de Portogual en Tordesillas año de 1491, a broadsheet 57 inches by 24, containing an exact reproduction by Mr. W. Griggs in facsimile, coloured and gilt, of the unique original map now preserved in the Collegium de Propaganda Fide at Rome, 21s; or, in an oak frame, glazed, 36s


Rosini, Storia della Pittura Italiana, Second Edition,

with all the 870. plates of the first edition, and the 254 large Plates reduced to the same 8vo. size-in all 485 fine outline engravings (pub. £10.) 7 vols. 8vo. boards, £1. Pisa, 1848-54

Division of this Second Edition.

Epoca I. Tomo I, p. 1-242 and 36 plates-Tomo II, p. 1-208 and 54 plates -Epoca Seconda. Tomo III, p. 1-220 and 83 plates-Tomo IV, p. 1-280 and 98 plates-Epoca Terza. Tomo V, p. 1-294 and 102 plates-Epoca Quarto. Tomo VI, p. 1-234 and 75 plates-Tomo VII, Un Supplemento, p. 1-196 and 37 plates and the Index, p. 1-LXIV.

This edition contains all the octavosized plates of the folio edition, and the folio plates reduced to the 8vo. size; the whole forming thus one uniform guide to the knowledge of all the celebrated Paintings executed by the Painters of Italy of all times and all Schools. To this edition is added an English Alphabetical and Topographical Index.

Whoever desires to make a study of Italian Painting must have Rosini's great work as a "Handbook."

The outline engravings are executed with delicacy and spirit; they truly place the original Picture before the mind's eye. Any one who has visited the Art Galleries of Europe or intends to see them, will find Rosini's History a most precious acquisition.

Royal Academy of Arts, Exhibition Cata

SEVENTH IN 1875, 4to. the first 87 Catalogues interleaved with writing paper,
and bound in 12 vols. calf extra, gilt edges; the others in parts, £40. 1769-1875
The early Catalogues of the Royal was formed with great care by the late
Academy are extremely rare, and very few
Mr. E. Basil Jupp, and is probably un-
complete sets are in existence. The present equalled in its condition.

Price's Handbook of London Bankers, with

some account of their Predecessors, the Early Goldsmiths; with Lists of Bankers, from 1677-1890, by F. G. HILTON PRICE, F.S.A., pl. 8vo. (pub. at 15s), cloth (a bargain), 58


cols., pp. 432-454.


The Handbook of London Bankers, 432; a very complete Index, in treble giving accurate biographical and statistical accounts of all the London Banking Houses and Goldsmiths, from 1400-1890, in one Alphabet, pp. 1-181; Goldsmiths keeping Running-Cashes, from 1670-1890, pp. 182

Such a mass of valuable information about City Bankers has never before been gathered.

The Royal House of Stuart, illustrated by a series of

40 plates in colours, drawn from Relics of the Stuarts, by W. GIBB, square folio, cloth, £1. 1s

These plates include articles of Costume,
Jewellery, Furniture, Ornaments, Armour,


and personal Relics of Mary Queen of Scots, of James I, and of Charles I.

Theydon Mount, Essex: Its Lords aud Rectors, with a

transcript of the Parish Registers and Monumental Inscriptions, by J. J.
HOWARD and H. F. BURKE, assisted by the Rev. L. N. Prance, small 4to.
frontispiece, xiv, 66 and 6 pp. bds. 158
s. a. (1891)

Sixty copies, privately printed for Subscribers.


Now in preparation





The Mazarine Bible on vellum (1453-55)

The Psalter of 1459 on vellum

The Durandus of 1459 on vellum

The Catholicon of 1460

Books on vellum by Peter Schoeffer, 1470-72

The Augustine, printed at Subbiaco in 1467

The Boccace, printed by Colard Mansion at Bruges in 1476 The Dictes of the Philosophers-first book printed in England, 1477

Chaucer, printed by Caxton in 1478

Aristotelis Ethica, printed at Oxford in 1479

The Book of Hunting and Hawking, printed at St. Albans, 1486

And many examples of the famous presses of Mentelin (1466-71), Ulrich Zell (1468-72), Günther Zainer (1469-72), Sweynheym and Pannartz (1467-71), The Spira Brothers (1469-77), Johann Numeister, Antonio Zaroto, Arnold of Brussels, Matth. Moravus, Ulrich Gering and his associates, Jenson, Azzoguido, Bart. Bayer. Mich. Reyser, Conrad Fyner, Johann Zainer, Thierry Martens, John of Westphalia, John Veldener, Gerard Leeu, Wynkyn de Worde, Pynson, Julian Notary; and the earliest typographers of Spain.

The Catalogue will consist of 300 pp., comprising descriptions in classified arrangement of about 650 articles, with a complete alphabetical Index; and will represent a total value of about £30,000.

Price 5s post free.


LONDON, 15 Piccadilly, November, 1897


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