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Forest Management: BROWN'S (J. C.) Management of Crown Forests at the Cape of Good Hope, 8vo, cloth, 58

Edinb. 1887 Forestry in Norway, post 8vo. cloth, 78 6d

ib. 1881 The Forests of England, and the management of them in bye-gone times, post 8vo. cloth, 58

ib. 1883 Finland: its Forests and Forest-management, post 8vo. cloth,

ib. 1883 French Forest Ordinance of 1669, post 8vo. cloth, 58 ib. 1883

Forests and Forestry of Northern Russia, and Lands beyond, post 8vo. cloth, 58

ib. 1884 Schools of Forestry in Germany, post 8vo. folding table, cloth, 58

ib. 1887 the above 7 vols. sold together for £1. 118 60

Very few copies remain of these volumes.


1897 “We record with pleasure the publication symbolisms is virtually an epitome of of Major J. G. R. FORLONG's Short Studies religions, particularly those of Asia. It is of the Science of Comparative Religions. intended for the general reader rather than The wide and long experience of the the specialist, the former of whom will find author, combined with the practical points here good representative extracts from the of view which he has adopted, is certainly religious literature of the Asiatic nations, destined to bear fruit in the field of com- and a brief digest of their main tenets and parative mythology and religiwus belief. beliefs. A number of illustrations and The present volume, which consists of several excellent maps that are in valuable amplifications of certain encyclopædia in such studies accompany the text."-The

articles on religious terms, rites, and Open Court, September, 1897.
Greek Church (Sacred Books of the):
BOOK OF NEEDS of the Holy Orthodox Church, done into English, by
G. V. SHANN, 18mo. (pub. at 78 6d sewed), 8d. 28 6d; cloth, 38 6d

Comprises the special Prayers of the
Greek Church for all periods and events of which, outside the Mass

, regulates the

ordinary life of Christians of the Eastern life, including such as illustrate the Rite ; and as such, is very interesting to manners and customs of the Eastern that considerable number of “AngloChristians.

Catholics " who are desirous of inter“ Book of Needs ” is an exact English communication" with the Eastern Orthodox

rendering of a Russian Church Office Book, I Church. Mexico and the Mexicans: C. SARTORIUS, Mexico

Landscapes and popular Sketches, edited by Gaspey, 4to. with 18 steel engravings from original sketches by Rugendas (pub. at 21s), cloth, 78 6d

1859 Sketches taken from life, in the palace or


life of the Indians were closely observed in the cottage. The habits and mode of by the author, and are carefully described.


RENNIE (Sir John) Theory, Formation, and CoxstrUCTION

of British and FOREIGN HARBOURS, Docks, and Naval Arsenals, with 123 large and elaborate engravings of the Harbours, with all the Engineering details; also the portrait of the Author, 2 large vols. impl. folio, hf. morocco (pub. £18.), £7. 108

Weale, 1850-54 This great work comprises plans and Harbours, etc., from the earliest period, details of every description of the most including all recent improvements. The

celebrated British and Foreign Docks, impression was limited to 250 copies. Moxon's Mechanick Exercises : or the Doctrine of

Handy-Words applied to the ART OF PRINTING, a Literal Reprint, in 2 volumes square 8vo. of this scarce and valuable treatise on early English typography published in 1683; with preface by THEO. L. DE VINN E, hf. bd. £2. 12s

New York, the Typothetae of the City of New York, 1896






£ 8.

d. AESOP'S Fables, illustrated with 110 Sculptures by FRANCIS BARLOW;

with the Life in English, French and Latin, LARGE PAPER, folio, fine
impressions of the 110 plates of elaborate Animal Studies, original old

1665 10 0 0 With the book-plate of Sir E. H. Bunbury. | ALMACK (E.) A Biography. The King's Book or Eikon BASILIKE, 4to. facsimiles of binding and title pages, cloth

1896 1 8 0 · ALMANACH DE GOTHA. From 1818 to 1893 inclusive ;—76 vols.,

16mo., with a great number of PORTRAITS of Royal personages, and other

plates ; two or three vols. bound, the rest in the original covers 1818-93 7 10 0 · ALPHABET (Ornamental), beautifully engraved, and ornamented with flowers, birds, and other devices, small 4to. half bound, rare

circa 1750 1 11 6 Collation : Title, " A Gift from my Brother. Hamburg ; " the Alphabet A-Z. America: 5 ALAMAN (Lucas). Disertaciones sobre la Historia de la Republica

Megicana desde la epoca de la conquista que los Españoles hicieron a
fines del siglo xv y principios del xvi de las Islas y continente

Americano hasta la Independencia, 3 vols. royal 8vo., calf Megico, 1844 2 18 0 O ALEGRE. Historia de la Compañia de Jesus en Neuva Espana que estaba

escribiendo el P. Francisco Javier Alegre al tiempo de sa expulsion.
Publicala . . . Carlos Maria de BUSTAMENTE, 3 vols. sm. 4to., with
portraits, hf. bd.

Mexico, 1841 2 15 0 7 Anderson (Alexander) Life of, the first American wood-engraver, by

F. M. Burr, roy. 8vo. portrait and illustrations, hf. bd. New York, 1893 0 5 0 8 Atlas of New Hampshire, including statistics and descriptions, by

Walling and Hitchcock, folio, coloured maps, hf. bd. New York, (1885) 0 10 0 9 BIBLIOTHECA Peruana. Apuntes par un catalogo de impresos, Vol. I. Libros


Folletos Peruanos de la Biblioteca del instituto nacional, 8vo. sd.

Santiago de Chile, 1896 0 7 6 10 Book of COMMON Prayer for the Protestant Episcopal Church in North America, 12mo. calf

1789 0 5 0 11 BRADFORD (William) History of the Plimoth Plantation, containing

an account of the voyage of the “MAYFLOWER," reproduced in facsimile
from the original MS. with an introduction by John A. Doyle, folio,

1896 4 4 0
“ The Log of THE MAYFLOWER.–To the Editor of the Times. Sir,-It may
probably interest your correspondent, Mr. Howard Evans, and others if we mention
ihat, by the kind permission of the Bishop of London, we published last year a photo-
zincographic facsimile reproduction of the Bradford MS. The “Mayflower" Logi'
which is now to be restored to the United Slates.

"Our reproduction was, by arrangement, limited to 350 copies; but some copies are still to be had through the usual channels.

“Governor Bradford's MS. is insufficiently described as “The “ Mayflower” Log.' It contains the log and the names of those who sailed in that vessel ; but far more, also, than this it covers a period of forty years, from 1606 to 1646. For the life of the fugitives (from Scrooby) while in Holland, and for the negotiations which brought about their emigration to America, it is the only anthority.' For the early struggles of the Pilgrims in New England it is our main authority. And for the political and economical history of the colony during the years when its corporate and organic life was a-making Bradford is our only witness.' The title chosen by Governor Bradford himself for the MS. is. Of Plimoth Plantation,' _WARD AND DOWNEY.”

The Times, April 6th, 1897.

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12 BrainerD (David) Account of the Life of the Rev. David Brainerd,

Missionary to the Indians, and Pastor of a Church of Christian Indians
in New Jersey, by Jon. Edwards, 8vo. old calf

Edinb. 1765 13 BURKE (E.) Speech of, on his moving conciliation with the Colonies, March 22, 1775, 8vo. hf. bd.

1775 14

Speech of Edmund Burke on American Taxation, April 19, 1774, 8vo. hf. bd.

1775 15 CABOT : Dawson (S. E.) The Discovery of America by John Cabot in

1497 and the Voyages of the Cabots, roy. 8vo. cuts, sd. Ottawa, 1896 16 CALEF (Robert) Merchant, of Boston, New England. MORE WONDERS OF THE INVISIBLE WORLD, displayed in five parts, sm. 4to. old calf

N. Hillar and Joseph Collyer, 1700
This extremely rare and important book treats chiefly of the Witch Business in
New England in opposition to Cotton Mather. It contains Cotton Mather's account
of the sufferings of Margaret Rule, the Differences between the Inhabitants of Salem,
Mass. and Mr. Parris, their Minister, a Postscript relating to the wife of Sir William

Phips, etc.
17 CARBAJAL ESPINOSA (Francisco). Historia de Mexico desde los primeros

tiempos hasta mediados del siglo XIX. 2 vols., 8vo., full of
portraits and plates; the prefatory leaf slightly defective; hf.

Mexico, 1862 19 CARTAS DE INDIAS publicalas por primera vez el Ministerio de

Fomento, thick folio, about 900 pp. of letterpress, 66 leaves of facsimile
reproductions from unpublished documents, 22 leaves containing some
hundreds of facsimile autographs, and 4 maps reproduced in facsimile
from unique original designs; boards

Madrid, 1877 19 another copy, divided into 2 vols. folio, Spanish morocco extra, gilt edges

1877 One of the most important publications ever produced in Spain. The documents include precious original letters and other pieces by Columbus, Vespucci, Las Casas,

Bornal Dias, and others.
20 Casas (Bart. de las) Narratio Regionum Indicarum per Hispanos quos-

dam devastatarum verissima, ex Hispanicè in latinum excusa, sm. 4to.
engraved title and fine plates of infamous Acts of Cruelty practised by
Christian Spaniards upon American Natives, engraved by TH. DE BRY,
old stamped ornamental pigskin, FINE LARGE COPY

Francof. a. M. de Bry et Santius, 1598
The fly-leaves in this copy are occupied by MS. Extracts from the Preface to

De Bry's Quarta Pars America, etc.
21 CATLIN (G.) Manners, Customs, etc. of the North American Indians,
2 vols. 8vo. 400 coloured illustrations, cloth

1841 (reprint) 22 CLAVIGERO (Franc. J.). Historia antigua de Mexico y de su Conquista

con disertaciones sobre la tierra, los animales, y los habitantes de Mexico ... traducida del italiano por J. Joaquin de Mora. 2 vols., large 8vo., with maps and numerous plates illustrating the customs,

ancient remains, sports, etc. of the Mexicans ; calf Mexico, 1844 23 CONDUCT of the Late Ministry, important on Indian and French Affairs in America, Limitation of Canada, etc., 8vo.

1757 24 CONTEST in America between Gt. Britain and France, with its Consequences and Importance, 8vo.

1757 25 DIAZ DEL CASTILLO (Cap. Bernal) Historia Verdadero de la Conquista de

la Nueva España (Segunda Ediçion), im. folio, engraved title,

Madrid, 1632 26 EXAMINATION (The) of Joseph Galloway, late Speaker of the House of

Assembly of Pennsylvania before the House of Commons, in a
committee on the American Papers, with explanatory notes, 8vo.

1780 27 EXPEDITION (The) to Carthagena, 8vo. hf. bd., no title


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roy. 8vo. sd.


£ S. d. 28 FALKNER (Thos.) A Description of Patagonia, and the adjoining parts of South America, 4to. two large folding maps of America, old calf

Hereford, C. Pugh, 1774 2 5 0 29


maps, calf

Hereford, 1774 1 17 6 30 GAGE (T.) The English-American his Travail by Sea and Land: or, a

new Survey of the West-India's, containing a Journall of Three thousand
and Three hundred Miles within the main Land of America, folio,

1648 2 17 6 With a Grammar of the Indian Tongue. 31 GANGONG (W.F.) Place-Nomenclature of the Province of New Brunswick,

Ottawa, 1896 0 7 6 32 GOMARA (Lopez de) La Historia General de las Indias, 12mo. scarce map, boards

Anvers, 1554 2 16 0 33 HERRERA (Antonio de) General History of the vast continent and

islands of America, translated into English by Capt. John Stevens,
6 vols. 8vo. portraits, maps, and plates, old calf

1725-6 6 10 0 34 History (The) of the British Dominions in North America from the

discovery by Sebastian Cabot in 1497 to the peace of 1763, 4to. map,

1773 14 0 35 Howe, Letters to a Nobleman, on the Conduct of the War in the Middle

Colonies, 8vo. map of the Operations of the British and Rebel Army in
the Campaign, 1777–Reply to the Observations of Sir William Howe
-2 vols. in 1, 8vo. calf

1780 1 46 0 36 HUTCHINSON, History of the Colony of Massachusets-Bay from the First Settlement in 1628, 2 vols. 8vo. old calf

1760-8 2 15 0 37 INTEREST (The) of Great Britain considered with regard to her colonies

and the acquisitions of Canada and Guadaloupe, 8vo. hf. morocco 1760 1 5 0 38 JAMAICA, Handbook of, 1887-8, '90-96, 8 vols. 8vo. maps, cloth 1887-96 0 8 0 39 IxtliLXOCHITL (Fernando de Alva). Obras historicas

anotadas por Alfredo Chavero. 2 vols. in 1

Mexico, 1892 1 8 0 40 LATROBE (C. J.) The Rambler in Mexico, 1834, 8vo. map, hf. morocco 1836

0 2 6 41 LESCARBOT (Marc) Histoire de la NOVVELLE FRANCE contenant

Navigations, découvertes, & habitations faites par les François és Indes
Occidentales & Nouvelle France, with the three original folding maps,
mounted on cloth, including the large Figvre de la Terre Nevve," all
in fine condition—Les Myses DE LA NOUVELLE FRANCE—-2 vols. in 1, sm.
8vo. First Edition of the two parts ; green morocco extra, by Zaehnsdorf,
very rare

Paris, Jean Milot (on the title to the Muses, Millot], 1609 29 0 0 42 another copy, 2 vols. in 1, sm. 8vo. with three maps ; large and

fine copy in the original vellum binding, with two engraved bookplates : of
James Bengough 1702, and of Charles Viscount Bruce of Ampthill
(before 1741)

Paris, 1609 35 0 0 43 the same, 3rd and Best edition, with 4 maps, bds.

1612 30 0 0 Reissue of 3rd edition, with 4 maps, calf

1618 25 0 0 It is extremely difficult to obtain copies of the 3rd edition with the four Maps. Brunet says, “ Edition rare, la plus estimée et la lus complète de ce livre recherché. 45 M'CLINTOCK (Capt.) Narrative of the discovery of the fate of Sir John Francklin, 8vo. map and plates, cloth


0 4 0 46 MACMILLAN (A.) A Night with Yankees, a lecture, 8vo. cloth

Privately printed, 1868 0 2 6 47 MATHER (Increase) The Mystery of Israel's Salvation explained and

applyed, 12mo. gilt edges, title and first and last leaves mended, at the

end is a long list of " writers on works cited[Boston, N.E.) 1669 3 16 0 48 MATHER (Increase) Sermons on Early Piety by the Eight Ministers who

carry on the Thursday Lecture in Boston, 12mo. FIRST EDITION, brown
calf gilt, rough gilt edges, by Pratt, FINE COPY

Boston, N. E., S. Kneeland, 1721 3 3 0

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50 The MOHICAN CHIEF Mahomet's Petition to George II against the

injuries he and his people suffer from the inhabitants of Connecticut,
etc. together with the original report of the Board of Trade thereon,
evidences of witnesses, etc. A manuscript of 56 pages large folio,

with many erasures and corrections, slightly damaged by damp 1736-37 6 6 0 51 New York. Fine and early View of the Town of New YORK, on copper (size 5 in. by 61 in.), circa 1669, rare

1669 1 10 0 52 Pará. The State of Pará. Notes for the Exposition of Chicago, as

anthorized by the Governor of Pará, Brazil, Dr. Lauro Sodré. Roy.
8vo., map and views ; s.

New York, 1893 0 2 0 53 PAUL le Jeune (Père) Relation de ce qui s'est pass' en la Nouvelle

France en l'Année 1637; et Relation de la Mission au Pays des
Hurons en 1637 (par le Père Fr. Jos. Le Mercier), plate wanting, 12mo.

Rouen, J. de Boulenger, 1638 5 0 0 54 Pennsylvania. THE ACTS OF THE GENERAL Assembly of the Common

wealth of Pennsylvania, and an Appendix containing the Laws now in
force passed between the 30th day of September, 1775, and the
Revolution, sm. folio, device on title, original sheep

Philadelphia, Francis Bailey, 1782 5 0 0

Fine clean copy of this scarce volume. 55 Prescott. Historia de la Conquista de Mexico у

la vida del conquistador Hernando Cortes, escrita en Ingles por Guillermo H. Prescott, traducida al Castellano por D. Jose Maria Gonzalez de la Vega, y anotada por D. Lucas Alaman. 2 vols., royal 8vo., with numerous portraits and plates; mottled calf

Mejico, 1841 0 120 56 PROCEEDINGS and TRANSACTIONS OF THE Royal Society of Canada, second series. Vol. II, stout roy. 8vo. plates and maps

Ottawa, 1896 1 1 0 Contains a vast amount of scientific and historical information relating to Canada. 57 A PROCLAMATION for prohibiting the importation of commodities of

Europe into any of His Majestic's Plantations in Africa, Asia, or
America, which were not laden in England, etc. black letter, carefully
mounted on thin cardboard

given at our Court at Whitehall, 24 Nov. 1675 3 13 6
A very rare and interesting proclamation relating to the Acts for the regulation
of the Plantation Trade and mentioning the fisheries of New England and

Newfoundland. 58 REFUTATION (A.) of the Letter to an Hon. Brigadier-Genl. Commander

of His Majesty's Forces in Canada by an Officer, 8vo. hf. morocco 1760 59 Relacion de la Vitoria que dios Nuestro Senor fue servido de dar en el

Reyno de Chile a los 13. de Henero de 1631, a Don Francisco Lasso de
la Vega y Albarado, sm. folio, bds. Lima, F. Gomez Pastrana, 1631

0 10 0 60 René-MORENO (G.) Biblioteca Boliviana. Catalogo del Archivo de Mojos y Chiquitos, 8vo. sd.

Santiago de Chile, 1888 050 61 REPRESENTATION (A Fair) of His Majesty's Right to Nova Scotia or

Arcadie. Briefly stated from the Memorials of the English
Commissaries; with an answer to the Objections contained in the
French Memorials and a treatise, entitled, Discussion Sommaire sur les
anciennes Limites de l'Arcadie, 8vo. hf. morocco

1756 62 RIVERA (Manuel). Historia antigua y moderna de Jalapa y de las

Revoluciones del Estado de Veracruz. 5 vols., stout 8vo., with
portraits, plans and plates; hf. bd.

Mexico, 1869-71 63 SCHOOLCRAFT, Indian Tribes of the United States, Vol. V, 4to. plates, cloth

Philadelphia, 1855 64 SLOANE. A Voyage to the Islands Madera, Barnados, Nieves,

S. Christophers and JAMAICA, with the NATURAL History . of the
last of those Islands ... by Hans SLOANE . . . 2 vols. thick folio,
with 274 plates, in old red morocco extra, gilt edges

1707-25 7 7 0

0 18 0

2 10 0

4 0 0

1 0 0

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