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William Stevens



* Ban Romanmoina. Mantry andy The Chicserfal kunst, mano both of the Clergy & doity, from the Halle i hus forth Burnley Henrykania format, ther! Fitz, A. F. Magmw, her kobud her

in Mbomer, her! Mifer, her Athoms Anbladwell

,, ! h! Hibro, A. Mayi Mr.her Khi Mone home Perder op de teneris, Aichard Starine, Ihn Seminar gamains, di fot. Forma

has agreed that the her? Mehr Beach, Blomerths there he requested to wait upon the blingy of Connections, who muito be conrond on the Medenofday in Fornity Hech mat enfining for the Purpole juhicting thein Consumence in moth

home as may be doma ondaine to the Krion & Prefpicity of the sisarpal Churches in the lates y Bomercome..

aged by the Gentlemen present, that the undermentioned Persons he requestion to comefpond with each other, with any

the desons, for the Profile of forming a Continentre represent chain of the Episopal Church of for the better management of this

gimix bhurch Assihop herm, Broogtta. Momes for Brun yok how Maps Bench, Region of hyss for her Batan And? Émite, Fagor, yuk Mastute for Puppy loans

Penyame of which Presons of each that respectively, to comeffondita the others, without consulting his Colleagans of the name thate, whenean it may be deemed expediente

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