Lettres sur l'histoire de France, xiii-xxiv, ed. by G. Masson und G.W. Prothero

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University Press, 1885 - France - 190 pages

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Page 11 - Price 3.5. 6d. Euripides. Hercules Furens. With Introduction, Notes and Analysis. By JT HUTCHINSON, MA, Christ's College, and A. GRAY, MA, Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge. Price is. Euripides. Heracleidae. With Introduction and Critical Notes by EA BECK, MA, Fellow of Trinity Hall.
Page 2 - Octavo. 6d. Select Discourses, by JOHN SMITH, late Fellow of Queens' College, Cambridge. Edited by HG WILLIAMS, BD late Professor of Arabic. Royal Octavo.
Page 4 - NALOPAKHYANAM, OR, THE TALE OF NALA ; containing the Sanskrit Text in Roman Characters, followed by a Vocabulary in which each word is placed under its root, with references to derived words in Cognate Languages, and a sketch of Sanskrit Grammar. By the late Rev.
Page 1 - The Homilies, with Various Readings, and the Quotations from the Fathers given at length in the Original Languages. Edited by GE CORRIE, DD Master of Jesus College. Demy Octavo. js. 6d. Two Forms of Prayer of the time of Queen Elizabeth. Now First Reprinted. Demy Octavo. 6d. Select Discourses, by JOHN SMITH, late Fellow of Queens
Page 4 - Pindar. Olympian and Pythian Odes. With Notes Explanatory and Critical, Introductions and Introductory Essays. Edited by CAM FENNELL, MA, late Fellow of Jesus College. Crown 8vo. cloth. gs. The Isthmian and Nemean Odes by the same Editor. 9*.
Page 8 - THE WOODCUTTERS OF THE NETHERLANDS during the last quarter of the Fifteenth Century. In three parts. I. History of the Woodcutters. II. Catalogue of their Woodcuts. III. List of the Books containing Woodcuts. By WILLIAM MARTIN CONWAY.
Page 3 - Nous avons considéré que, bien que l'autorité tout entière résidât en France dans la personne du roi, nos prédécesseurs n'avaient point hésité à en modifier l'exercice...

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