The Elastical Researches of Barré de Saint-Venant

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Page 4 - The Missing Fragment of the Latin Translation of the Fourth Book of Ezra, discovered, and edited with an Introduction and Notes, and a facsimile of the MS., by ROBERT L.
Page 4 - THE POINTED PRAYER BOOK, being the Book of Common Prayer with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in Churches. Royal 24mo.
Page 9 - Aristotle's Psychology, in Greek and English, with Introduction and Notes, by EDWIN WALLACE, MA, late Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford.
Page 16 - Gains and Rules of Ulpian. (New Edition.} Translated and Annotated, by JT ABDY, LL.D., late Regius Professor of Laws, and BRYAN WALKER, MA, LL.D., Law Lecturer of St John's College. Crown Octavo, i6>. The Institutes of Justinian, translated with Notes by JT ABDY, LL.D., and BRYAN WALKER, MA, LLD., St John's College, Cambridge.
Page 2 - By FHA SCRIVENER, MA, DCL, LL.D., Prebendary of Exeter and Vicar of Hendon. Crown 8vo.
Page 26 - MILONE, with a Translation of Asconius' Introduction, Marginal Analysis and English Notes. Edited by the Rev. JOHN SMYTH PURTON, BD, late President and Tutor of St Catharine's College.
Page 8 - THE HISTORY OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT, being the Syriac version of the Pseudo-Callisthenes. Edited from Five Manuscripts, with an English Translation and Notes, by EAW BUDGE, MA, Christ's College.
Page 25 - BEDA'S ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY, BOOKS III., IV., the Text from the very ancient MS. in the Cambridge University Library, collated with six other MSS. Edited, with a life from the German of EBERT, and with Notes, &c. by JEB MAYOR, MA, Professor of Latin, and JR LUMBY, DD, Norrisian Professor of Divinity.
Page 12 - Mathematical and Physical Papers. By Sir W. THOMSON, LL.D., DCL, FRS, Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Glasgow. Collected from different Scientific Periodicals from May, 1841, to the present time.
Page 14 - FREDERICK M°CoY, FGS One vol., Royal 410. Plates, £i. is. A CATALOGUE OF THE COLLECTION OF CAMBRIAN AND SILURIAN FOSSILS contained in the Geological Museum of the University of Cambridge, by JW SALTER, FGS With a Portrait of PROFESSOR SEDGWICK.

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